Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena

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Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena
Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena

Foam Parties/ Foam Pit Arena


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Foam Parties are good clean fun for everyone & can take place indoors with some restrictions but often more practical outdoors. We can fill up a yard with foam, an inflatable pit indoors, and anywhere else you want to have a foam party. The foam concentrate is a specially engineered soap solution made to generate high-stacking and extra long-lasting foam. Our Dance Foam is Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Odor Free, Non-coloring, Hypo-Allergenic, and Non-flammable. Since the Dance Foam is made from soap products, anyone with a soap allergy should not participate

Additionally, foam parties are like being in a giant bubble bath, surrounded by all your friends.
You can dance, play and slide in the enclosed pit.  This is a tremendous crowd pleaser, great if you are having a festival or carnival.  Foam pits and parties need to be set up outside on a non slippery surface.  The foam can become slippery and you will become wet.  

Perfect for Block Parties, Festivals, Fairs, Competitions, Company picnics, Church Fairs,   Corporate Events, Birthday parties, Graduations, Frat Parties and much more!!

DIMENSIONS: 20’L x 20’ W x 8’ H 

POWER REQUIREMENTS:  (2) 110 VOLT, 20A Circuit

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